Aluminum panels

Aluminium ventilated facades (AVF) -are the kind of ventilated facades, which is demand today in all modern constructions.  aluminum panels have proven themselves as a high-quality facade material in the construction and renovation of various buildings. Facade aluminum sheets (aluminum monosheets) from Al-Mg alloy, covered with special paints based on polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), PVDF polymer coating is specially designed to increase the material durability, as well as resistance to atmospheric sediments of any type. Painted aluminum sheets are produced in accordance with the EN 10169 standard.


Using of aluminum panels


unpainted aluminium painted aluminium
  • Industrial Design
  • Design of commercial premises
  • Production of kitchen equipment
  • vehicles facing
  • Equipment facing
  • mounted ventilated facades
  • facing of entrances and canopies
  • Industrial tunnels facing
  • facing of the gas stations
  • airports acoustic insulation
  • columns facing
  • elevators and parapets facing

Fixing system of AMTT discovery aluminium cassttes

The advantages of aluminum as a facade facing materia:

  • increased corrosion characteristics
  • flammability class NF (non-flamable)
  • non-toxic material
  • resistant to acids and alkalis
  • aluminium of the European standard DIN EN 485-1,2,4; EN 515, EN 573-3
  • aluminum alloy for the gas stations – 3104N24 (high-quality aluminum)

Properties of AMTT facade aluminum sheet

  • Aluminium AMg2, Amg3 has high corrosion resistance
  • hot damaging is in interval within 340-430 ° C
  • Rm = 120-280
  • N / mm2 Rp (0.2)> 110
  • N / mm2 A5> 5%
  • iImpact force (by ISO6272): the absence of cracks at 10 Nm
  • Do not lose the properties under the impact of salt spray (normal and acid)
  • The minimum permissible radius is (EN1396): T1 (R = sheet thickness)
  • Coating thickness (ISO 2360) is: 60mm (min 50mm), chromated on the reverse side