Substructure for facade panels and HPL

Facade facing system. Types of fixing the flat facade panels:
  • rivet system G1-40.10
  • adhesive system G1-40.24
заклепочная фасадная система клеевая фасадная система
– Rivet system – Adhesive system
Types of flat facade panels:
  • Ceramic granite slabs
  • fiber cement slabs
  • laminate panels (HPL)
  • profiled sheets

Rivet facing fixing system of mounted facade G1-40.10 PIFS is the system which allows you to make facing of building with flat and profiled materials. The absense in shoulder arm the bent petals increases the range of lateral adjustment of the carrier racks at considerable (up to 60mm) base wall drops. The system is used when the overlap between the slabs base or wall is available, which provides a sufficient fixing of metal facade brackets. For fixing the faзade cladding rivets or screws are used. The main base for fixing the facade facing is vertical racks of two types – primary and angular. Supports of 2 types: basic and corner. Tees and corner rigels are intended for further fixing of  the cladding panels with low stiffness and installed in horizontally position or inclined to the support struts.

Adhesive mounting system of facade facing PIFS-G1-40.24 is used when the of overlap between the slabs base or wall, which provides a sufficient fixing of brackets metal facade is available. To fix the facade panels the adhesive system «Sikatack-panel» is used, it consists of a permanently elastic adhesive Sikatack®-panel and fixing band (Sikatack®-panel Fixing Tape, adhesive on both sides). The Sikatack® adhesive is a one component polyurethane, polymerization of which occurs during the absorption of moisture from the atmosphere. Before the adhesive has congelate the function of the fixing tape the Sikatack® Panel Fixing Tape is carrying out.

Benefits of riveting / adhesive facade fixing system:

  • Waste minimization of facing material
  • Do not allow to spread fatig cracks
  • Bearing profile and aluminum rivets any of RAL color
  • Facing the facade of large-size flat sheets
  • Creation of complex radial architectural forms
  • Reducing the loading on the buildings foundation

Facing facade system from AMTT Group – the producer of facade systems.