Composite facade

AMTT aluminum composite panels (ACP) – are laminate material (sandwich) which consists of two outer layers of aluminum (with thickness of 0.3 mm) and non-flamable mineral filler with a three layers coating facade PVDF (PVdF) with the thickness of 30 microns.

Aluminum composite panel is a panel, which is located inside the filler (plastic) and two aluminum outer sheets. They are designed for the facades decoration of various buildings and interior decoration.

Production of aluminum composite panels at Discovery AMTT

Aluminum panels are used in various areas. They are often used for exterior decoration of shopping centers, as well as for renovation of old buildings. Due to the large assortment, they are also used for decoration of balconies and living quarters. In addition, they serve as the basic material for the billboards. Composite facade you can also notice at gas stations and car dealerships.

Composite aluminum panel, application

There are two types of aluminum panels:

  • Three millimetres panels. They are used for industrial painting and decoration, for outdoor advertising, in trading rooms, for excibition stands and office partitions.
  • Four millimetres panel is a mounted facade with ventilation, entrance and canopies, tunnels, gas stations, elevators and columns of any shape. Also, by means of  these panels isolate airports are isolated from noise.

Fixing system of AMTT discovery composite cassettes:

Aluminum facade panels differ with decent number of advantages:

  • High characteristics of composite sheets.
  • Uniform and long-lived color of material.
  • Light and, at the same time, rigid and robust slab.
  • Non-flamable and safe material.
  • Sound absorption of composite material  is 26dB.
  • Sound insulation of panels is six times more than aluminum sheets.
  • Easy technological  handling of material.
  • Sheets parameters can reach six meters in length and one and a half meters wide.
  • Screening.
  • There are 25 different colors to choose from.
  • High guarantee up to 50 years.

AMTT composite panels (4 mm) are composed of two aluminum sheets with 0.5 mm thickness and the core of thermoplastic material and non-flamable mineral filler based on aluminum hydroxide, which provides excellent fire resistance of the panel. The front side of the panel is coated with a three-layer facade coating polyvinylidene fluoride (PVdF) with thickness of 30 microns. The reverse side of the panel is protected by corrosion-resistant polyester (PE) with coating thickness of 7-8 microns. To avoid damaging the surface of the panel during transportation, handling and mounting, the UV protected membrane with 80 microns thickness is applied.

Unlike conventional sheet metal, the composite aluminum panel can be with different shape and of different volume. Due to its easy flat surface, this material ensures easy mounting and high resolution of composite panel allows you to set the facade sheets quickly. If you need aluminum panels, contact our managers by phone, which you can see on our web- site.