Facade Brackets

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Table 1

Code Name Image Size, mm Weight,kg
1 L-8.A.60.8 Supporting bracket кронштейн фасадный опорный алюминиевый 85х60х8,6 0,089
2 L-11.A.60.8 110х60х8,6 0,106
3 L-13.A.60.8 135х60х8,6 0,123
4 L-16.A.60.8 160х60х8,6 0,139
5 L-18.A.60.8 185х60х8,6 0,186
6 L-22.A.60.8 225х60х8,6 0,218
7 L8A-60.6.8 85х60х8 0,089
8 L11A-60.6.8 110х60х8 0,106
9 L13A-60.6.8 135х60х8 0,123
10 L16A-60.6.8 160х60х8 0,139
11 L18A-60.6.8 185х60х8 0,186
12 L22A-60.6.8 225х60х8 0,218
13 L-8.A.100.10Н Bearing bracket кронштейн несущий фасадный алюминиевый кронштейн 85х100х10,6 0,143
14 L-11.A.100.10Н 110х100х10,6 0,171
15 L-13.A.100.10Н 135х100х10,6 0,198
16 L-16.A.100.10Н 160х100х10,6 0,224
17 L-18.A.100.10Н 185х100х10,6 0,3
18 L-22.A.100.10Н 225х100х10,6 0,351
19 L-8.A.120.12U Universal bracket фасадный кронштейн универсальный 85х120х12,6 0,171
20 L-11.A.120.12U 110х120х12,6 0,203
21 L-13.A.120.12U 135х120х12,6 0,236
22 L-16.A.120.12U 160х120х12,6 0,267
23 L-18.A.120.12U 185х120х12,6 0,357
24 L-22.A.120.12U 225х120х12,6 0,418
25 L8A-100.6.10Н Bearing bracket фасадный кронштейн несущий 85х100х10 0,143
26 L11A-100.6.10Н 110х100х10 0,171
27 L13A-100.6.10Н 135х100х10 0,198
28 L16A-100.6.10Н 160х100х10 0,224
29 L18A-100.6.10Н 185х100х10 0,3
30 L22A-100.6.10Н 225х100х10 0,351
31 Р-08.А-100.10Н Bearing bracket фасадный кронштейн несущий 80х100х10 0,409
32 Р-13.А-100.10Н 130х100х10 0,531
33 Р-08.А-80.10 Supporting bracket фасадный кронштейн несущий 80х80х10 0,331
34 Р-13.А-80.10 130х80х10 0,43
35 Р08.100.10Н1 One-sleeve bearing bracket кронштейн несущий 80х100х10 0,55
36 Р13.100.10Н1 130х100х10 0,65
37 Р08.80.10С1 One-sleeve supporting bracket кронштейн несущий 80х80х10 0,46
38 Р13.80.10С1 130х80х10 0,54
39 Р-07.А-87.10 Rack bracket кронштейн стойки фасадный кронштейн 100х87 0,243
40 Р-07.А-116.10 130х116 0,32
41 Р-07.А-117.10 130х117 0,33

Facade Bracket is elements that connect bearing rack with the base (wall, facade) by means of. To reduce heat losses the brackets adjacent to the base through thermorupture. Facade Brackets without extensions allow fixing the system with insulation thickness up to 150 mm, if a thicker insulation needs, it should be used brackets with extension cords.

Bearing brackets accept vertical loadings of its own system components weight (including anti-icing) and horizontal ones- of the wind pressure (pressure, suction) and have rigid and fixed connection to the bearing rack.
In order to absorb the vertical loadings, bearing brackets are additionally connecting to the bearing rack by means of stainless steel rivets or screws. Bearing brackets are usually fixing on the overlap slabs, concrete bearing elements (by steel ankers) and metal structures (with bolt connection).

Supporting brackets perceive only horizontal (wind) loadings and have a sliding connection with the bearing rack and allow it to change the length due to the thermal strains. The supporting brackets usually are fixing on the wall surfaces (with sufficient density) by means of anchor bolt or metal connstructions (bolt connection). The type (bearing or supporting) and brackets sizes, anchors and dowels are determined by designer depending on the strength calculations.

Bracket extension. Brackets design allows the alignment of vertical racks (bearing sections) relatively to the wall plane in the range of ± 30mm. If significant deviations of the wall surface are available, it should be used special brackets or installed bracket extender.

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