HPL facade panels

Facade laminated panels is an exclusive facade material, which is a heavy-duty laminate panel, consisting of flat panels and reinforced with heavy-duty laminitis (HPL – High Pressure Laminate) on the outside and inside of the panel. The assortment of colors, shades and textures will help to realize any of your designer`s  intention.


Using of HPL panels

interior panels exterior panels
  • wall facing
  • dropped ceilings
  • space decorative trim
  • furniture manufacture
  • mounted ventilated facades
  • facing entrances and canopies
  • fences, balconies fenced
  • elevators and parapets facing


Fixing system of AMTT discovery for HPL facade panels:

Advantages of HPL facade panels:

  • optimal solution for any building configuration
  • Using in high-rise construction
  • light weight of panels
  • Using on a limited weight loads objects
  • panels are easily handled, perforated
  • Minimum waste during mounting
  • max UV protection
  • min thermal expansion coefficient o
  • panels do not absorb dirt and odors
  • withstand temperatures ranging from -80 to + 180C
  • anti-vandal laminated coating (not scratched, easily cleaned from dyes)
  • wide range of colors and decor options

Panel thickness: from 2 mm to 15 mm

Standard thickness:

  • 6 mm – for visible fixing system
  • 8 mm – for invisible fixing system