Facade racks

Updated price list of the facade racks: watch more Facade section, which is fixing on the bearing part allows to create more whole facade constructions, The modern residential facilities, labor and industrial constructions are created with their help. Facade section is made from high quality aluminum and can be painted in any color to accentuate the object style. The material is made of special alloy, which has high strength and resistance to physical and environmental loadings. In addition to the large structures, facade aluminum section is applied in everyday life. You can often see high-quality and stylish furniture that brings a solid atmosphere in the room. Facade furniture is a steel frame, on which the foundation is attached to. The section has different options and forms that can be made while producing, so the design options are many. The using area of the section is quite wide:
  • Furniture accessories of any kind.
  • Section is used for decoration of kitchens and bathrooms (and other areas). The aluminum section has moisture resistance.
  • Section is used for decoration.
  • Suitable for sliding structures.
Aluminum Facade section has several advantages:
  • High material life-time. In comparison with other sections, aluminum one is considered the most longevous.
  • Low cost. This is high-quality and inexpensive material. Its using reduces the cost of the whole product.
  • Stable and strong material. Aluminium section copes good with protection and weight of construction.
  • Lightweight material. Aluminum metal is the lightest metall, but it is strong enough. In furniture manufacture lightweight construction plays an important role.
  • Easy exploitation and stylish appearance. It is modern and high technology. Manufacture facilities allow to create practical and beautiful design that will accentuate your home decor. In addition, the material has anti-dust properties and is easy to care for it.
  • Material is safety. Aluminum is known for its high ecological and non-flamable properties.
  • Universality of material. It goes well with any filler and is very plastic. It allows you to create different shapes, sizes and applies any unusual design solutions.

Table 1

Code Name  Image Size, mm Weight, kg Note
1 N-1.А Guiding rack стойка фасадная направляющая 30,5х29,5 0,61 For slides and half slide-blocks on front and corner areas
2   Y-21.А Trapezoidal rack стойка тарпециевидная фасадная 51х28,9 0,79
3 Y-2.А 63х28,9 0,72
4 Y-23.А Corner rack стойка угловая фасадная для вент фасада 65х56,4 1,31 For slides and half slide-blocks on corner areas 
5  Y-14.А Rectangular rack стойка прямоугольная фасадная стойка 100х50 1,63 For slides, half slide-blocks and mountings throuh P-brackets on slab overlaps
6 Y-16.А 130х50 1,96
7 Y-15.А Corner rack стойка угловая фасадная 130х66,7 2,43
8 Y-11.А Main clamp rack стойка кляймерная основная алюминиевая фасадная стойка 50х50 0,57 For clamps on front and corner areas
9 Y-12.А Side clamp rack стойка кляймерная угловая угловая стойка фасадная 50х26,7 0,43
10 Y-13.А Corner clamp rack стойка кляймерная угловая угловая стойка фасадная 67х32,9 0,66 For clamps on facade corners
11 Y-24.А T shaped rack стойка тавровая фасадная стойка 55х80 0,75 For granite and riveting systems
12 Y-28.А профиль стойки тавровой профиль для вент фасада 56х80 0,84 For adhesive system
13 Y-17.А профиль стойки тавровой 64х80 0,92 For granite and riveting systems
14 Y-27.А Corner rack стойка угловая фасадная 69х58 1,26 For granite, adhesive and riveting systems
15 R-3.А T shaped rail ригель тавровый профиль ригеля 40х62 0,51 For pannels hardness of riveting system
16 R-4.А Corner rail ригель угловой профиль ригеля угловой 40х32 0,37
17 G-21.A Starting clamp-rail кляммер-ригель стартовый фасадный алюминиевый профиль 42х17 0,42 Mounting on Y-24.А, Y-27.А, Y-17.А racks, granite facade
18 G-22.A Main clamp-rail кляммер-ригель основной фасадный алюминиевый профиль 47х17 0,51
19 G-23.A Finishing clamp rail кляммер-ригель финишный фасадный алюминиевый профиль 37х17 0,39
20 Е-2.А.80 Drainage профиль дренажа 80х28 0,017 For racks with slides and half slide-blocks
21   SF0316-87 Insertion of rack thermorupture вставка терморазрыва стойки 87 0,34 Moving mounting of rectangular racks
22 SF0316-116 116 0,44
23 SF0316-117 117 0,45

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